A good instrument inspires the player. It´s the feeling when you play your favorite drum and you just can´t stop! That´s the core in everything we do, and that´s the thing we want to share with our customers.

Drum builder Ossi Raippalinna

-Ossi Raippalinna

Standing on the shoulders of the ancestors

A solid shell means that the drum is made of one single piece of wood, just like the original African ones. Drums made in this way resonate with high volume and allow you to play clear notes with ease.

Profound research on drum building traditions and 12 years of product development with the world’s best percussionists guarantee that you get one of the best drums on the market.

Finnish handcraft and the use of local tree species make our products sustainable, beautiful, and unique.

Park trees from Helsinki get a new life at Ossi Percussion. No trees need to be felled for drum timber, we only use trees that would end up being chipped for energy production.

Organic and sustainable choices are what we believe in. Our products are an alternative for overharvested southern hardwoods. Finnish tree makes as good drums as the traditional African species. Local maple, elm, and birch produce very dense timber in our northern climate. We use natural vegetable oils and waxes for treating the shells.

The story of the tree means that we can give customers exact information of where the tree has grown and its age. Many of our drums used to grow in historical places around Helsinki.

Highly standardized manufacturing process and quality control guarantee that each drum we sell is of professional quality.

Our custom-made drums are made to your order by professional instrument builders.