“You name it, we make it”Photo: Rio Gandara / HS

Custom shop process:
-phone call to discuss the different options
-your choice of shell form, wood, skins, diameters, hardware, finish
-quote and lead time estimation (on average between 1-3 months)
-upon accepting the quote and lead-time, 50% down payment in advance, Paypal or invoice (bank transfer)
-during the manufacturing, we´ll keep you posted throughout the process
-when the set is ready we´ll send you photos
-the resting 50% is paid and the drums are shipped to your door via Fedex, shipping term DDP with full insurance cover

The custom shop congas usually cost 10-20% more than the ones we have in stock, depending on your choices.

Please provide Your phone number or instant messaging details (whatsapp or messenger) so I can give You a call to discuss the options.

Examples of our custom work:

Sound characteristics:

-hardest wood: extremely good projection
-higher tuning range than birch
-perfect for loud band settings: timba, salsa, rock, etc.

-hard wood, good projection
-widest tuning range, both low and high tunings sound good
-will work in any kind of setting

-softer wood, less projection but more bass, sustain and warm 
-best with lower tunings, “old school cuban sound”
-will work in any kind of setting but amplification necessary in
loud band setting