Greetings from our happy clients around the world:

The skins are melodic and feel great

The congas are very well crafted and that can be noted just by lifting and handling them. The skins are very melodic and feel great to the touch. Overall these drums are beautiful and sound alive, I am proud to be an owner of them! I will recommend them to anyone who is a conguero. Again thank you for your craftsmanship, it is very much appreciated. “
-Richie, California
Birch quartetto set, dark green

Uncompromising build quality

My Ossi elm congas are simply the finest instruments I’ve ever seen or played. Turned from single-piece, ethically sourced local Finnish elm logs, they’re perfectly round, balanced, and super stable. Perfectly proportioned, fabricated from all-natural materials- with excellent steer skin heads and perfectly hand-machined custom steel hardware– including internal steel rings at the bearing edge, these drums will never go out of round. Absolutely uncompromising build quality, finest fit and finish my Ossi’s are simply fantastic.
Steve Forman, percussionist, Ph.D. in composition
A custom elm trio set

…there is no comparison…

The most beautiful percussion instrument I have ever owned. I’m so glad I took the time to do some research before buying my congas. I had been tempted with the ‘other’ big-name high-end congas that everyone currently has, but there is no comparison. In my opinion these are the finest congas available anywhere today. Love them.
Ricky Linn – SCuba (Latin Jazz Quintet) UK,Scotland
Birch trio set

What an awesome instrument!

The Requinto arrived yesterday. Beautiful tones, bright and tight. The tuning range is awesome. I am extremely satisfied. It is a good thing you do recycling the trees into such beautiful Instruments! I love my Ossi Quinto, it gets better with age! Such a fine instrument. I’m going to have to get a mate for the Quinto soon. Again thank you for the information it is nice to know the history of the wood and the final instrument.
Kevin USA California
10″ elm requinto

Clean sound without overtones

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and love my drums. They are remarkable and each shell has its own character. All together they are very consistent in producing a clean tone that is beautiful and inspiring. The drums are balanced and produce a clean sound without overtones and ringing. I love that, just exactly what I wanted!!! You are the best packer and package shipper that I have ever seen.
Willy, USA Arizona
Custom elm and birch congas

The bass is very satisfying

I am enjoying the djembe very much. The bass is very satisfying. I think the members of my church will love the sound.
Mike, USA Virginia
18″ custom elm djembe

The drums are exquisite

The Elm set arrived in excellent, unscathed condition. The extra cardboard helped out too. The drums are exquisite and I love the dark skins. They really accent the beauty of the wood. I was not expecting that! I haven’t tuned them up just yet, however, a few slaps on them tell me they are going to be very special in sound and tone. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me through all of this. The 83-year-old Elm tree has found its new life in Texas.
Brett, USA Texas
Custom elm congas

Excellent artisanry

I just received the maple congas. 
Let me say that I appreciate
your craft skills very much, they are top-level. Every 
detail with the congas is perfect, a really high-end product made by hand. The shell, the metal parts, 
the finish, and of course the skins are perfect. 
I like to express special thanks for the ultra-safe packing and shipping including the soft bags. Yesterday I received my Tumba. Awesome drum, great sound, excellent artisanry.
Peter, Germany
Maple conga set 11″ 11.75″ and 12,5″

Straightening the EQ and leaning back

The new drums work very well and our sound engineers handle them by straightening the EQ and leaning back. The tuning ranges are amazingly wide. I cranked up the conga and it sounded better than any LP Quinto, but tuned down it also worked as a tumba drum in a jam situation without any problems.
Aarne Riikonen, Finland, professional percussionist
Elm conga set 11″ 11.75″ and 12,5″ +maple djembe 13″

I LOVELOVELOVE my new Ossi Congas!

 I’ve had ( and still have some) Tocas, LPs, Absa, Bauer, and  Natals, and some were wonderful – until I heard the Ossis !!!  Honestly, the vibrations reverberate in my body and they are all I want to play.  I tingle just looking forward to playing them. 
Fern, UK
Birch conga pair 11″ and 11,75″

Haven’t seen any enterizos like these

They are wonderful! The sound is amazing!  Very very happy with them. Haven’t seen any enterizos like these in my humble opinion. Such a unique and beautiful art.
Mena, USA California
Custom elm conga and bata set